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23 January 1985
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Warning: SW is known to be offensive, crude and opinionated. She welcomes random friending and journal stalking. But she dosen't care if she pisses you off. She will generally clearly label things to avoid problems and raping of virgin eyes without warning.
(SW talks in third person sometimes.)

Things I will post here
1. My art and comic pages
2. My life
3. Music I feel like sharing
4. Links I want to share

If you take issue with any of these things then don't read my journal. I don't care its my journal and your choice to watch. Also don't contact me about reposting music, I post them for my FRIENDS. I'm not running a request site, its my server space and bandwidth.

I am actually pretty friendly, but one needs to lay down some laws with these things.

Projects SW works on
Currently updating

SW works on several webcomics, visit my damn site if you want to see them.

Welcome welcome. <3